Three is Harmony offers marketing and marketing communication advice for the (international) business market, and develops, implements and monitors strategic long-range marketing and marketing communication plans.
Three is Harmony works according to the principle of the SIVA model. SIVA represents Solutions, Information, Value and Access. The SIVA-model  defines the marketing matrix in question-oriented terms with a customer-centric approach.
The four elements of the SIVA model are:

  • Solution: Seeing the relevant customer problem being solved; understanding the problems and needs of the consumers,  and accordingly offering a solution.
  • Information: The information the customer wants to have to evaluate the solution. Marketing communication should focus on the right information at the right moment.
  • Value: The value received by the customer for the investment made. The essence of value is, ‘What drives the customer? What increases his/her willingness to pay more?'
  • Access: What should the customer do to gain access to the offered solution? How does the customer gain access to the offered service as quickly, easily and inexpensively as possible?


Would You Like to Generate More Returns From Your Customer Database?

Three is Harmony works closely with you to develop a customer relationship management plan programme for your customer base, and implements your package if desired. This allows you to have satisfied customers and achieve more returns.

Customer relationship management is, by far, the best acquisition strategy. Notably, however, the strategy is only effective when applied integrally and with conviction. This means you have to make choices for truly distinguishing services, a clear position in the market, for customers who create value, for exceeding expectations, and for an authentic presentation. The ultimate goal of this is to create value for both your clients and yourself—both professionally and financially.

By building up, deepening and solidifying long-term, excellent contacts, you can gain access to a select and balanced customer base, which subsequently enables the professional and financial growth of your business to fall within reach.


The rise of Social Media offers organisations with new, vibrant opportunities for communication with (potential) customers and target groups. By engaging in the online dialogue, Social Media allows you to:

  • increase your brand awareness;
  • build and develop the relationship with your target group;
  • propagate distinguishing ability;
  • increase visitor numbers and activity on your website;
  • improve your position in the search engines;

Furthermore, Three is Harmony helps you to effectively use Social Media, such as LinkedIN and Twitter, as additional communication tools. This will assist you in finding and being found by customers, engaging in dialogue with customers and target groups, and responding to their needs.



Three is Harmony serves the business market (B2B), and has gained experience in the business market, the consumer market, the real estate market, and the airport market.