Three is Harmony: Your Dedicated, Enthusiastic Sparring-Partner!

The person behind Three is Harmony is Cristina Andriescu. Whilst born in Romania, the Netherlands have been her home country since 1990. After studying International Business Studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, she created her own carrier in the marketing branch in 1999.

With dedication, enthusiasm, entrepreneurship, sharpness and creativity, she quickly switches between diverse projects. She has an enterprising manner and is energetic in her approach. As a team player, she profiles herself as a fast thinker and pioneer—and she knows how to enthuse people to achieve those fundamental integral results.

Currently, Cristina Andriescu lives in Scheveningen, but the entire world is her working space. Not surprisingly, travelling is her passion.

energetic & enthusiastic | results-oriented | go-getter | flexible | networker | curious | customer-oriented | resourceful | keen-witted | versatile | good with numbers